The RADIAN Ecosystem

Our Vision

RADIAN team would like to promote free speech by taking back the control of user-generated content from the applications back to the users. Content, including profiles, relations, and media data, is now owned by the users, displayed by the applications, and viewed by the subscribers. Applications can still censor content, but users and subscribers can move, without a prohibitively high cost as in Web2, to other similar applications. In some cases, the application itself can be open-sourced, or it can have no censorship at all. Content owners will be empowered by smart contracts to monetize their content and earn as they social.

What is the RADIAN Ecosystem?

RADIAN is the web3 social ecosystem that consists of the following components:
  • RADIAN Social Infrastructure: The basic building block for social applications
  • RADIAN Applications: The applications built on top of RADIAN
  • RADIAN Labs: Oversees the day-to-day operation and the expansion of RADIAN.
  • RADIAN DAO: The governance system of RADIAN

RADIAN Infrastructure

The RADIAN Social Infrastructure consists of components that support decentralized web3 applications built on RADIAN. The infrastructure components include Smart Contracts, Frontend modules, and Backend modules.
Creation and Storage The smart contract modules provide users with a permissionless, semi-permanent (depending on whether you choose Arweave or IPFS as the decentralized storage facility) way to generate content. It is the backbone that guarantees users their freedom of speech.
Interaction and Display The Frontend modules are the building blocks for teams/developers to quickly assemble new applications that reuse the already existing data from the blockchain. All the user-generated content, including profiles, relations, and posts can be re-used in the new applications. It drastically reduces the cost of user acquisition and content generation.
Filtering and Censorship The Backend modules will read data from the blockchain, parse it with tags and filter the unwanted contents based on a particular censoring scheme. This provides Web2 speed for users while the integrity of the data is guaranteed by the blockchain.

RADIAN Applications

RADIAN infrastructure supports the development of third-party applications. Our infrastructure, as described previously, is built on top of public, permissionless components. It is open-sourced and can be used by anyone for building their own application.
Note that the RADIAN infrastructure being permissionless, decentralized, and public, doesn’t mean that the applications build on top are subject to the same standard. In fact, most likely the person who builds on top of the RADIAN infrastructure wants to profit from running his/her application, and therefore, the application may consist of proprietary components or a centralized backend server.
Anybody, who does malicious or even illegal acts, is not blocked from using our infrastructure, due to the nature of being permissionless. However, we do have the means to do community censorship. Such censorship is done via the Application smart contract. Anyone can register to become an Application provider and supply their own censorship rules. Illegal content will be censored depending on the rules of the application. However, users always have the choice to remove such censorship and view everything as is.
The RADIAN DAO will fund meaningful projects with our own grant, to help them get on board our ecosystem.

Sample Applications

There are several applications that the RADIAN team developed to showcase the functionalities of the RADIAN infrastructure.

Identity Registration and Management App

Chat App with RADIAN Identity

Post NFT MarketPlace



RADIAN Labs is the team that manages the daily operation of RADIAN. It receives 20% of the fee from the RADIAN infrastructure.


RADIAN DAO is the governance structure of RADIAN. It will start off with a simple structure with token-based voting as a shown of approval and an execution team (RADIAN Labs) to deliver the outcome. It will eventually evolve into an organization that executes decisions based on the outcomes of binding voting. The community members will be sufficiently decentralized so that the voting result will reflect the overall decision of the community members. Please see the Governance section for more info.
The RADIAN DAO will receive 80% of the fee charged to users who uses the RADIAN Infrastructure.
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